Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

CrestCore provide reporting and alerting on all of vehicle tracking metrics such as Fuel Monitoring, speed, location, heading, journey history, driver behavior, idling time. CrestCore GPS Tracking devices are of high quality an reliability build for the rugged environment.

Motion based – Connected Parking Lights Control

CrestCore fleet management software uses Google Maps, which provides the most accurate technology and reliability. Managing a smart business requires these advanced tracking systems and solutions, allowing you to closely monitor your company’s employees, vehicles and inventory. With CrestCore mapping and GPS fleet tracking software, you can track your vehicles’ exact locations, routes, and arrival and departure times, so that you can better manage your services and schedules.

GPS – Fleet Management Reporting

GPS fleet management software offers detailed reporting that contributes significantly to improved business operations. Track Your Truck’s powerful vehicle tracking application, NetTrack, features advanced reporting tools that allow you to monitor your vehicles’ activity and trends, keeping track of employees and company assets 24/7 wherever you go. When you know the “when,” “where” and “why” of your vehicles and employees, you can manage a better business at a lower cost.

Real Time Alerts

Customized CrestCore alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time. Receive alerts when speed is exceeded by a set amount, when there is no activity for a set time, when vehicles arrive and depart certain points and more. With mobile GPS and your smartphone, you can track your fleet wherever you are.

School Bus GPS Tracking System

A school bus tracking system tells you where your buses are, when they will arrive at various locations, and how carefully they are being driven. With a school bus tracking solution from CrestCore, you can coordinate bus schedules among a district’s schools, improve on-time performance and increase safety.

School bus tracking software reporting lets you verify routes and schedules, change routes to accommodate a new housing development, avoid traffic congestion and track driver behavior. Analyzing driver behavior is particularly important to school bus companies because the children’s safety and security is vital. You can set parameters to monitor arrival times, excessive speed and aggressive driving. School bus tracking alerts you when something out of the ordinary happens to delay the bus’s arrival, so you can allay the fears of parents.

Geo Fencing

Control the area your vehicles can operate in and maximise your vehicles’ and your staff productivity by creating a geo-fence: a virtual boundary within which your vehicles can operate