Motion Sensor Solutions

Motion Sensor Solutions for Lighting Automation & Energy Saving

CrestCore provides Motion Sensor based light control solutions to help you transform residential and commercial applications. Within these pages we’ll highlight some simple CrestCore Solutions that can help you save energy while adding ambiance, style, and convenience to your homes and offices.

Motion based – Connected Parking Lights Control

Smart Parking, a complete package of lighting and controls, is both easy to install and intuitive to operate. It’s a perfect solution for new build or retrofit projects – simply replace existing light fixtures point for point, and add wired or wireless controls.

This system can be entirely wireless with low-power devices to transmit data over long distances or a wired system. Smart Parking is designed to be future-proof, so you’re able to upscale your system as required.

In the past, safety policy dictated that you kept lights in your parking garage permanently on. Now, with Smart Parking, you can ensure that you have lighting on demand.With Smart Parking, as soon as the presence of cars or pedestrians is detected, the path ahead lights up to 100% illumination level ‘on demand’ – always staying one step ahead. The right level and quality of lighting enables vehicles to manoeuvre safely, and pedestrians to feel safe and secure. Once the car or pedestrian has moved out of that ‘zone’ or area and presence is no longer detected, after a pre-programmed time lapse, the lighting dims down to its background level of, for example, 20% illumination level. Smart Parking delivers light only when needed to welcome and reassure and offers substantial energy and cost savings by dimming when not required.

Motion Sensor with Dimming Solution for Warehouse & Parking

  1. With sufficient ambient light, the sensor does not switch on lamp.
  2. With insufficient ambient light, the sensor switches on the lamp when motion is detected.
  3. After hold time, the sensor dims the lamp at a low light even if no motion is triggered.
  4. After stand-by period, the sensor switches off the lamp if no motion is detected in its zone.

Solutions for Homes, Offices & Hospitality

When there is no motion detected all lamps switch off

With insufficient ambient light, if any motion is detected in exit or entrance, all lamps switch on at the same time.

After hold time, all lamps dim to a low light level if no new motion is triggered.

After stand-by period, the lamps switch off if no movement is detected in the detection zone.

Wireless Dimmable Motion Sensor s for Staircase

With sufficient ambient light, all lights switch off even if there motion in the detection zone

With insufficient ambient light and the person walks to the 2nd floor, the 2nd floor lamp switches on at 100%, and the 1st and third floor lamps switch on at a low light level (Preset in the sensor)

The person walks to the 3rd floor, the 3rd  lamp lights up to 100%, and the 4th lamp switches on at a low light level. The 2nd floor lamp dims to a low light level after hold time.

The person walks to the 4th floor, the 4th lamp lights up to 100%, and 5th lamp switches on to a low light level. The 3rd lamp dims to a low light level after hold time. The second lamp switches off after a standby period.