The Connected Room

The Connected Room

Crestcore provides turnkey room automation, control and monitoring solutions to create memorable guest experiences while significantly reducing energy and operational costs.

Take Control Over The Guest Room Environment

CrestCore delivers a fully integrated, seamless control and monitoring system that provides occupancy based energy management, in-room lighting controls and guest room automation including shading and drapery to create memorable guest experiences while reducing energy and operational costs.
Energy is typically the highest operating expense after labor, and lighting and HVAC combined can account for over 70% of total hotel energy use according to the EPA Energy Star. While improvements in equipment performance and upgrading to the latest technologies will reduce cost, operators can reduce overall energy use by up to 40% through better integration and occupancy-based management of in-room systems. Guests spend on average less than 8 hours in their hotel rooms per day, while the largest energy consuming systems – HVAC and lighting – typically are running as if the room were occupied.
That’s wasted energy and increased cost for your operations.
Our completely integrated, configurable in-room wired & wireless control solution provides guests with the ability to more personally manage the in-room experience, including comfort, lighting and views, while automatically adjusting room conditions when the room is unoccupied. This helps you take control over energy costs, reduce operating expenses and continue to enhance guest satisfaction.


Manage operating costs and reduce energy consumption through occupancy-based HVAC management without sacrificing comfort and performance.


Ensure a memorable guest experience while optimizing energy performance by taking advantage of configurable scene control and automated lighting solutions.


Leverage ROC to gain complete control and visibility of all your connected rooms to reduce operating costs and improve staff productivity with actionable data.

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Case Studies

With Philips Dynalite fully integrated lighting control and building automation solutions, hotels can ensure a memorable stay and a great return for their customers

  • Run your hotel more efficiently
  • Create inviting ambiences in public areas, back-of-house spaces and guestrooms
  • Create an atmosphere of luxury, comfort and style in guestrooms to influence mood and create the best possible customer experience
  • Change a space with the press of a single button, or automate changes through timed features
  • Save energy through occupancy sensor based management of occupied and unoccupied rooms for lighting, HVAC and curtains / blinds
  • Allow guests to personalize the ambience/comfort of their guestroom
  • Streamline operations by giving hotel staff and management, control of every aspect of the hotel environments including guestrooms and public areas, to help reduce labor costs, improve service,optimize facility usage and save energy
  • Allow easy management/reconfiguration of all automated controls via tailored touchscreens, keypads and smart devices
  • Get real-time data on lighting and energy management system status and performance
  • Helps build brand differentiation